Thursday, October 8, 2009

Morning roundup

Update: Via Snowflakes in Hell, in appears that there has been some well known violent friction in the Hain household for some time, and that friends of Melanie had tried to help her get out.

Update: So far it looks like Melanie's husband, who was a parole officer and prison guard, did the shooting.

First up, it's Pimp Your Galil day in Mexico! Check out some of the weapons the Mexican drug cartels acquired from US gunshows, like rifle grenades, short barreled rifles, RPGs, and 120mm terror. No, seriously, stop laughing. It's true. Really.

Next up, go over to Practical Riflery Forums to see my latest range work. I got my 308 to run perfectly, and I will be doing a write up with pics this weekend.

A tragic murder suicide in Ohio that will be making a buzz around the gun community. There's not alot of info yet, but I'll update if I find more.

Creepy NRA video promoting Bob McDonnell.

NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg blows $1.5 million taxpayer dollars 'proving' nothing during an attempt to smear gun shows. The Associated Press again asserts the incompetence of their writers by confusing "occasional sellers" (random citizen selling privately owned gun) with a gun dealer (Citizen licenced to sell guns as a business).

TSA almost, but not quite, catches a kid boarding a plane from Oregon to Illinois using his mothers ID and name. It was a good effort though; maybe next time fellas. Until then, you keep on keeping the skies safe from terrorists!
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