Friday, January 6, 2012

My Creator has a sense of humor

At times he shows it just to amuse us, like in this video from an ARFCOM thread where an opportunistic thug is robbing what looks like a drug store, and hasn't noticed the cop standing in line behind him. Awesomeness!

I mean, there you are on a boring night shift with nothing to look forward to but endless domestic violence calls when you swing in to CVS for a Redbull, and no shit, this little scumbag standing three feet from you starts robbing the clerk at the register. There's no investigative work needed, no looking at cameras, no interviewing witnesses - you get to pull your gun and stuff it in that shit's face, right before repeatedly slamming his resisting ass into the floor and into the parking lot. I'm OK with this. This is how my idea of law enforcement plays out in my head.

I could only imagine the conversation the cop had with his peers at the station later on.
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