Thursday, January 5, 2012

Locks keep out honest people and teenagers

A building two doors over is under construction and police said the suspect used that. He took the tools that were left behind to break through a wall to get inside the seafood eatery. But then he kept going and broke through another wall, police said, to get into another room where he thought the money was.
I'm surprised it took this long for crooks to figure this out. A brick wall is fairly easy to bust through with a sledgehammer, with reinforced concrete being the only serious barrier for criminals to get through. Residential homes are even easier - in VA in the 90's, many homes being built were only required to have plywood on the corners; the only thing separating a scumbag from your nifty watch collection was plastic siding and foam insulation, all of which can be breached quietly with a utility knife. Knowing this, I used to shake my head at builders who would turn around and install solid oak front doors with six pin locks, to say nothing of sliding glass doors and vinyl windows.

Very few structures in this country will keep out a determined crackhead with primitive tools. If you're shopping for barrier security from Lowes and Home Despot, know that it's only temporary at best.
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