Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'm strapped with my Glock on my block. . . .

. . . . .ready to let loose on any Nevco targets that I spot.

This weekend I picked up two 8" round AR500 steel targets with hangers from GreenTop, and set them up and tested them out. I'm a big fan. After shooting Andy's steel at 200 yards with a rifle, I was sold, so when I got the opportunity to buy them sans shipping cost, I jumped on it.

I was fortunate to find the leftover 9mm rounds that were hidden from that range trip with Andy, and my brother, his girlfriend, and I shot up the 150 or so rounds to ring in the new steel. It was a good time. I'm also shooting with the aide of a shot-timer now, so I have no excuse to not get better at shooting.

I'm not using the Zack holster anymore, but have instead resorted back to the Bladetech IWB after a bit more modifications to make it conceal better. It's now an abomination, which is the title I now refer to it as whenever I speak of it. The Abominable Bladetech hides a full sized Glock 17 like it's not even there, and will do it all day long without any problems, even while driving or sitting for hours. It dawned on me how dangerous having screws inside the trigger guard can be if they ever decided to back out, so I epoxied the rubber plug thingy to the outside of the holster, and it's very secure. I also added some padding and stuff, as well as some duct tape, and it's now a sight to behold. Damn, it's comfortable though, and fast, too. I'm averaging around 1.9ish seconds from a concealed draw, which is not too shabby. I'll have to get some fresh pictures out there for folks to laugh at.

Like they say: if you can't be a good example, then be a horrible warning!


Broken Andy said...

How did you get them without shipping? I'm think I'd really like a torso target.

Drew said...

1.9 is pretty damn good sir. i consider anything under 2.00 from concealment a mark for the win column. we usually time ourselves when we first get there after a few warmups. and the rule is you have to beat your original time to be able to leave the range. oh yeah, best time overall gets free beer of choice. we call them irish time trials.

Unknown said...

Andy - GreenTop had them on the shelf for $40 a plate, plus $15 a piece for the hangers.

Drew - I'm much slower drawing from 4 o'clock; AIWB is super fast from kydex. And irish time trials sounds like a great game! Too bad it wouldn't work out as a drinking game on the range. . .:(

Drew said...

yeah drinking games only work in the woods if your playing paintball. i don't even clean my guns after consuming more than 1 beer at home. i just see no good coming from it at all.

David said...

If you contact Nevco in advance, they'll bring the targets to local matches they attend. (F'burg, Richmond area.) Saves on shipping. I picked up 2 sets (8" round, tops, topper, bases) from Nevco at a match last year. Fun shooting and no pasting targets! Hoping to get some spring loaded poppers some day too.

Nothing beats a beer AFTER the range!