Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Excellent Civil War gallery

Over 200 original pictures from the Civil War **NSFW: Graphic pictures of bodies**.

There's some seriously hard looking men in these photos, and half of them look drunk. I would never have blamed them if they were. It's wild to see pictures of my hometown in ruins. This town is bristling with history from the war and, unfortunately, we lose more and more of it every year as the population here increases. The county responds by turning large pieces of land into historical "battlefield" areas and parks to keep developers from raping what's left of the place, but then the parks won't let you do anything on the land but glance at the monuments and such. Who knows how much history is buried in the many parks here, waiting to be found by folks with metal detectors. Still, if you're looking for history on the Civil War, you'd be hard pressed to find more of it in one place than any of the counties along the Rappahannock river.
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