Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday morning weirdness roundup

It's a couple of years old, but check out this 230 lb. wolf that was killed in Alberta. Yikes. Something like that roaming around where I live would get shot to death in a heartbeat.

And in VA news:

A 15 year old is being charged with a felony for pepper spraying a fellow student in school. First, what's the point in charging a minor with a felony such as this? Trying for the death penalty? And "malicious assault with a caustic substance"? Does that mean that a cop can be charged with that if they use their pepper spray without proper cause? Just wondering.

A man tackles a home intruder, causing scumbag's handgun to fall to the ground. I thought that only happened in movies. Good thing scumbags don't often use holsters. Also, how is it that felons keep getting ahold of handguns?

Two attempted kidnappings of young girls in Spotsylvania in a week. Both of these men hopped out of their vehicles and chased the girls for a little ways through their subdivisions. These sickos should be advised that many folks around here have not forgotten the last demented shitbag that terrorized the county, and don't take too kindly to weirdos chasing our youth with box cutters. It will not happen here again.


Broken Andy said...

First, I shouldn't have read the story about the attempted kidnappings. Just got my blood boiling!

Anyway, use of pepper spray in VA for non-defensive reasons is a felony, so the charge is appropriate. But like any other felony charge against a minor, it will likely not be punished as severely. As for the police use of pepper spray... is it assault when a cop tackles you to make an arrest?

Old NFO said...

Good questions, and I've got to agree with Andy on the pepper spray. The attempted kidnaps? Somebody should have capped that asshole...