Friday, February 4, 2011

Poop hunting

The company, Jaworski Jagdreisen, which organizes hunting expeditions, insists there are elephants in the area of Zimbabwe it sent the hunter, identified only as Waldemar I, the Rzeczpospolita daily newspaper said.

"From what I know, (the hunter) should have seen elephant excrement there," it quoted the company owner as saying.
There's not much more to this story, but it gave me a chuckle. I gather that going on a safari hunt costs big bucks, as well as time spent going there, so I'd be pissed too if I went on a hunt where the animal I was seeking didn't even exist.

"Wha? You didn't see any poo mate?"

I don't think I'd be game for an elephant hunt, but shooting a lion or some other dangerous critter would be cool. Or even better, go after a big cat with a spear or a knife! I'd have to be clad in kevlar to pull that off, but not too long ago there were dudes who were crazy enough to do it while basically naked and holding a shield made of grass. That's either really brave or really stupid. I'm probably more towards the latter.

**Oh, and do read the comments.

"Are the elephants armed too?" Ughhh, yeah, I'd say without a doubt that elephants are pretty well armed. You don't think Hannibal took elephants over the Alps and into Italy because he like scratching their ears and feeding them, do you? And the arguments about eating elephant are pretty stupid too; I think Americans in general don't understand that just because an animal is on another continent and doesn't have a white tail doesn't mean that it's shot and left to rot in the sun.

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