Thursday, February 24, 2011

BlackBerry woes

Sorry for the lack of posting, and I know that this is not in any way gun related, but please do not mind my grumbling.

A couple of years ago my company issued me a BlackBerry so I could keep track of my emails while on travel. That phone became a dinosaur, so I gave it back to my company and just kept track of my work emails on my personal BlackBerry since I had an unlimited data plan anyways. After my BlackBerry was crushed under the weight of my truck, I got a replacement, and then got rid of it because I was not happy with all the bugs in the phone, nor with the dozens of "network@ etp. . . .RIM" messages every day. So now I have nothing to do with BlackBerry - no phones or devices, and no software, but somehow my work email is still linked in to the BlackBerry/RIM beast, so I continue to get these messages. This has been going on for several years now and it's driving me crazy.

I emailed both BlackBerry and RIM many many times to cure this problem, but they must not have any real human beings working for them because all I get is the robo response prompting me on how to fix my BlackBerry device or software. I finally resorted to saving a week or two's worth of these annoying messages and then mailing all fifty or more of them back to every BlackBerry or RIM email address that I could find. I tried to no avail to find the executive email addresses so that I could give them a glimpse into my hell.

Soon I am going to start invoicing BlackBerry for every email I receive:

Click to make bigger.

I wonder how this is going to go. I can't imagine it would take all that much time to disassociate my work email address from their stupid server or whatever. I have no idea how that shit works. And since I spend so much of time already responding to these messages, saving them in my junk folder, and fighting to keep my cell phone from locking up from all of these messages, I have no intentions of jumping through any more hoops over this. They better fix it, or I'm going to try to take it out of their ass.

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