Friday, October 8, 2010

Someone didn't read their Sun Tzu

This is a great lesson of what happens when you blow your element of surprise.
LAKEBAY, Wash. – An attempted invasion robbery at a home on Key Peninsula that housed a large marijuana grow operation turned into a gun battle between the owner and the robbers Thursday night. One robber is dead, at least two other people are wounded and as many as four people may be on the run in the neighborhood.
The video says that the home owner was expecting the company, so I would imagine that he probably fired first. Shear numbers of gunman don't always add up when the potential target is armed and ready for you.

I wonder what kind of legal fallout is going to come out of this. Sure, the scumbags were invading the home, but the question of the day is whether or not the homeowner's leafy hobby negates his US Citizenship rights to protect his property. I guess you could always argue that anyone growing pot deserves to not get shot to death by a band of unprepared morons, and by shooting back, you are in fact attempting to maintain your gift of life.

Also, the article mentions the use of handguns and shotguns. Why would the owner of a 'substantial' amount of pot not be armed with the latest and greatest AR15 or AK clone? You would think that he would be better prepared. Must be that all the good stuff in Washington state is flowing like a river to Mexico.

H/T Ace.
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