Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Some rifles move faster than others

Some scumbag is wandering around Virginia firing rounds at the Marine Corps Museum, the Pentagon, and now a Marine Corps recruiting center. In a bout of irony, the Marine Corps Museum and the Pentagon are Gun Free Zones.

The question remains though of how this miscreant makes his or her way around Northern Virginia while shooting up buildings with impunity. The answer is here:
The civilian Pentagon Force Protection Agency's director, Steven Calvery, said last week that the Pentagon shooting appeared to be "a random event" involving a high-velocity rifle.
The scumbag in question is not a scumbag at all, but a rifle that moves about very quickly on its own will. Some rifles have been known to move quicker than others, as you may know. A good rule of thumb is that if you read about one of these precocious rifles in the news for committing a naughty act, than it's sure to be one of the high-velocity types; the low-velocity rifles have better control over their actions, and do not lash out at Marines.

All of mine are low-velocity rifles, as I have had them spayed so that they stay exactly where I put them, and do not move about freely under their own power. If you have not properly spayed your assault thingy, you may want to think about contacting your nearest gunsmith without delay. Think of the lawsuit that you would have on your hands if one of your precious rifles got out of the safe one night and started moving at high-velocity, shooting at buildings and such.

Safety first, I always say!


Nancy R. said...

"If you have not properly spayed your assault thingy,"

Words to live by. If only everyone would be so conscientious.

Unknown said...

Yes indeed. And when you take your assault thingy out in public, you should always keep it on a-shoulder-thing-that-goes-up, lest it lash out at some innocent stranger!

Mike W. said...

Well hell, with those high velocity rifles they've got no hope of ever catching him!

Thank god it didn't have a bayonet. Then things could've really gotten out of hand.