Monday, April 2, 2012

Lights, camera, action

I've got a whole lot of nothing for you this morning except this clip from the movie Proof of Life starring Russell Crow and David Caruso. ***NSFW Warning: Language, gore, bad-guy-getting-his-throat-cut-out-with-a-multitool, hostiles-getting-massacred-with-a-M249***

The tactics are pretty realistic, or I should say much more realistic than most militaristic action scenes out there. I found the clip in an ARFCOM thread and thought I'd pass it along.

There are various Colt M4ish carbines, an M203, an M249 SAW, some decrepit AKs, a LAW launcher, some M67 grenades, and my favorite - what looks like a Colt officer's 1911. Enjoy.


ExurbanKevin said...

And that movie makes me homesick for Quito.

Great city, great people, lousy government.

Broken Andy said...

Great movie. Great scene. And probably the last good thing David Caruso has done.

MSgt B said...

The most realistic part was Caruso's manic fucking adrenaline high afterwards. He really did that well.