Monday, April 30, 2012

Blog shoot

I got to meet with Andy, MSgt B, David, Nancy and her Sweet Daughter, and AGirl for some range time in on Saturday.  Each of them are genuinely friendly people, and I wish I had the time to hang out with them more often.  Interestingly enough, all of them were armed to the teeth, but yet I strangely feel at peace around these folks!  Who would have thunk it?!?

From the rounds I put downrange, I learned that Sigs are frightenly accurate.  MSgt B's Sig Pro and David's P239 and P226 will stack shotholes on top of each other at ten yards.  The only other Sig I've ever fired in life is my brother's P225, and it's the same way.  I got to shoot a pistol with a red-dot sight for the first time -- Andy's Ruger MkIII.  Saaaaawheeet shooting with a nice trigger.  Also, Imma gonna have to get me a .357 Magnum soon; MSgt B calls his the Snubby from Hell, and I would partly agree: I've shot .357 Magnums on several occasions, and none of them handled as well as the SP101.  Ruger did it right with that one.  The Hell part would be on the receiving end, as the sound and fireball that thing makes is fierce.  Who's going to stand around and shoot it out with you when they hear and see all that mayhem directed towards them?

For fun I brought out the HK P30, a postwar Walther PPK bond gun in the mighty .32 Auto, as well as the Kahr PM9.  I get a kick out of watching people shoot the P30's LEM trigger for the first time. At first they think the gun is broken or something, and it takes a magazine or two through it before they get the hang of it. My brother tried the P30 out yesterday and it took him about a mag and a half to get it down.  For folks who haven't shot the PPK and PM9 combo, it's fun to get them to shoot the Walther first because it's an all-steel gun in a wimpy cartridge that doesn't kick, and then watch them pick up a 14 oz 9mm blaster with a 3" barrel.  BIG difference!  Only about 10% of the people that shoot the PM9 actually like it, and the folks who do are fond of a double action revolver trigger or don't have a lot of trigger time on striker fired guns like Glock or M&Ps.  It's cool to see the advancement in firearm technology by comparing the two:

The Walther is a touch bigger and weighs more, yet fires a smaller round. I do appreciate the machining along the top of the Walther that reduces glare, but it's funny to me that it has such tiny sights.

Unfortunately Nancy and Sweet Daughter had to roll out without getting to shoot; there was some confusion on my part because for some reason I thought they were going to meet back up with us afterwords, but we ended up shooting for over an hour.  I didn't mean to be rude and not say goodbye!

We all went out for coffee afterwords and hung out for an hour or so, and then I went home.  I had been quietly nursing a headache from the moment I woke up on Saturday, and it intensified on the drive back home to the point that I was nauseous when I hit the house.  I downed two Goodies Headache powders and took a 30 minute snooze, at which point I had an allergic reaction to the buffered aspirin in the Goodies, so I downed a bunch of my allergy meds which jacked me up for the rest of the day.  Fortunately I got to take another nap and dream about shooting Sigs and Rugers!  Time to save up!
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