Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oh please

Spare me the pathetic environmental guilt. You know what really causes divorce? Incompatible people.

If your community, or your marriage can't survive an oil spill in the area, for richer, for poorer, than how do you think that it can possibly survive sickness and health? It just doesn't compute.

It sucks that because of an oil company's incompetence the locals can't fish right now, it really does, but the fact that a few people decide to dump their spouse or eat a magnum because of the spill just underlines an existing problem. I hate it that when something happens in the environment, the media and hippies try to cast this vast net of despair over every little thing they can, as if every soul is linked intrinsically to the slow demise of the Arakan Forest Turtle.

People are either going to cling fiercely to the life that the Lord gave them, or they're going to give it up the first time the going gets rough. A disaster is no fun for anyone, but the show goes on. I wonder how pissed my wife would be if I offed myself because I haven't been able to fish in couple of years? Think that would solve anything? Would the media rush to my house and interview her if I wrote a letter correctly blaming real estate developers for destroying every place to hunt and fish in a five county radius before filing for a divorce?

So boo-freakin-hoo. The gulf will return to normal, one day, and the fish will return. Until then, I'm sure that some developer on the East Coast is hurtin' for some roofers. Come one, come all.
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