Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How many reloads does it take to shop at Wal-Mart?

This is beyond scary:

This is a good way for someone's little prince or princess to get shot to death by a scared shopper.  As I've mentioned before, there are folks out there (like me) who might not have the option to leave the area.  There are some who would casually say to let the cops handle the mess, which I agree with whole-heartedly, but what happens when the 300+ kids decide that the watermelons they're throwing just don't splatter enough, and they turn towards your cart with your kids.  If you don't think that will ever happen, are you willing to bet the lives of your children on it?  I'm not.

Teenagers or not, the disparity of force is overwhelming here even if they were all eight years old; and it's been well established that mobs like this tend to get violent in a heartbeat.  I'm still of the mindset that I would try to get out with my family if I can, but if not I would back my kids into a corner and try to keep the savages away.  Seeing a mob like this one in a small area makes me think a lot less of two spare magazines.


Anonymous said...

If you weren't a racist, you would know that any one of those young people could be the next Nobel Prize winner in physics, or the next Shakespeare. Furthermore, white people probably behave that way all the time. The reason it's not on YouTube is everybody accepts it. When black people behave badly, it's man-bites-dog so it gets press, that's all.

Broken Andy said...

Well, I don't have to worry about this as it violates two rules I have:

1) don't shop with my family after dark.
2) don't shop at Walmart.

Drew said...

man i was at that walmart on friday after working picking up 300 rounds for my IPSC match on saturday. this scares the shit out of me for many reasons. this city has gotten worse and worse, not to mention the police cut back are NOT helping. this is WAY to close to home for me. i think i'll be ordering my brass in bulk from online now. and for the "anonymous" guy in the first post, those young people stand a much better chance of ending up in jail than winning nobel prizes by their actions thus far. people like you enable this type of buffoonery.

mike's spot said...

Anon- did you just try to compare a flash mob to Neil Degrasse Tyson? Child of two prominent academics and one of the best science communicators alive today?

The man was a two time Ivy League graduate who was personally courted for research by Carl Sagan. Don't you dare slander Dr Degrasse Tyson by comparing him to a bunch of kids smashing watermelons.

Anonymous said...

From Darimondé

You know what, I am black and this would scare me. It has nothing to do with colour or race but rather their age. Teenagers are often times arrogant, rebellious and, sometimes just plain old mean and don't like it when you point it out. While most were there just to be a part of it, there were a few kids who took the opportunity to steal or be destructive. This could have gone very bad very quickly. I actually do wish this was a group of white kids though, simply because then it would just be seen as what it is, a group of kids being stupid. Being primarily black kids somehow people perceive it as being worse or life threatening. I don't care what race those kids are, you rub them the wrong way and you'll suddenly have an angry mob on your hands. Race has nothing to do with it.

Anonymous said...

I love how you keep misusing the phrase 'flash mob.' That's really cute.