Thursday, June 7, 2012

OWB Holster for "the outdoor woods"

A little throwback to Over the Hedge there in the title if you didn't catch it.  Yes, I watch too many kid's movies.

Anyways, this past weekend was the annual river float trip that friends and family faithfully take, and since I've missed the last two I made sure I was there.  In preparation, I made a kydex OWB holster for the P30 because rowing a canoe for two days with a pistol tucked down by the crotch didn't sound like it would make for good times.  This type of holster is super easy to make -- without the given interruptions in my house it probably took just under an hour total:

Retention is excellent, and there was no need for a strap, snap, or other retention device. In light of a friend's previous river disaster, I did attach a BLACKHAWK! pistol lanyard so that if the gun or gun/holster came loose for any reason I would have a way of not losing it for five years. Unfortunately, a gigantic thunderstorm made us give up on going to the river, and instead we went to a remote campsite on private property on a nearby reservoir. That turned out to be a smart decision because the night the storm hit the river rose six feet in four hours.

I did manage to end up on the wrong side of the canoe's gunwale close to the bank, and wading around in silted water showed the inferiority of the beach-sand-torture-test, as the insides of the P30 were thoroughly coated in it. I don't know if the gun would have fired or not, but it certainly was hard to rack the slide. I did have a cleaning kit and SLIP 2000 to make her smooth again. Overall though the holster held well and protected the gun from bumps and bruises. I'm really enjoying this holster making stuff!


Broken Andy said...

Interesting. Hopefully the slide came off easily enough. That's some fine grit gumming up your gat.

Old NFO said...

Ah, those 'unententional' torture tests... :-) Glad you were able to clean it up!

agirlandhergun said...