Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Epic forum threads and how to win at the internet

I read ARFCOM's General Discussion threads, which is like preschool for internet gun people. There's more stupidity and poo-flinging than you can shake a stick at in this forum, and it's hugely entertaining. Such was the case here in the vile thread about the prepper chick from the National Geographic Channel's show Doomsday Preppers; a bunch of leg-humping gun owners with zero tact discuss disgusting things about her - her name is Megan - and low and behold she comes wading into the frey swinging a cheerful attitude like Darth Vader.


Putting the little children in their place with a smile is good to go.

As for Doomsday Preppers, so far I dig the show. Lots of good ideas, and also lots of bad ones. What I think gives the most value though is that the show covers a very diverse selection of lifestyles: not everyone who prepares for the end of the world lives off the grid in a remote section of desert in the mid-West, storing tons of vegetables in jars, dancing with rattlesnakes, and tauting their sovereign citizenship. Some of them live in apartments and prepare however they can, and some don't plan on going anywhere if the SHTF, choosing instead to live I Am Legend-like right in the midst of a major city.
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