Friday, August 12, 2011

Range Reporting in

Whoa there, I've been busy as I can be, but twice now I've been able to make a strategic naptime range session to test the waters of the Mod 0.

Since the .264 LBC is still a new cartridge, and on top of that I'm using very new powder types, QuickLoad is only marginally helpful. Also, this gun leaves little ejector marks on the cases on every load, which is usually a sign of overpressure, leaving me to doubt and pull the first few bullets as I thought they were too hot.

To start, I shot a small OCW test using three loads in IMR 8208 XBR. The only bullet I'm using for the time being is the 123 grain Lapua Scenar. My starting charge was 27.9 grains and I intended to work up to 29.1 grains but chickened out; I only went to 28.5 grains.

Click on these to make them bigger if you want the details, and also heed my disclaimer that I am an advanced reloader and you should start your loads 10% what your reloading manual states and work from there. Do not try to duplicate my handloads: if you blow yourself or your gun up, do not point the finger at me.

Next up was Hodgdon's LeveRevolution powder. I've heard that it is well suited for the Grendel/.264 LBC cartridge, so I gave it a whirl. I went from 28 to 32 grains, and you can see the breakdown with velocities here if you're so inclined:

The LeveRevolution didn't put out the velocity that I was looking for, and on top of that it's a temperature sensative powder and it was 95 degrees today. The XBR got me right close to 2,500 fps, which should keep me out of transonic out to 1,000 yards. It also dialed in a .332" three shot group which gives me some hope.

Today also gave me the chance to dial in the iron sights on my AR15-from-DPMS. Since I now have a 6.5mm coyote blaster that can lob bullets out to long range, I took the scope off the AR15-from-DPMS and let it be a lightweight carbine equiped only with a flashlight. I had to dial in those Yankee Hill Machine flip up sights with my chosen handloads - 69 grain Sierra Match Kings in Winchester cases over 24.5 grains of Varget - and here is the result:

The top 3 round group circled was the first, at 100 yards, and I dropped it down on the front sight post to the bottom left group. After 7 clicks right, I got the bottom right group which was too far. 3 clicks left put me dead on. Next was a group at 25 yards to see where it would hit at close range:

That's three rounds there at 6 o'clock on the orange dot. Who says you can't shoot groups with irons? That would be a bone-stock pencil barrel from DPMS. I'm impressed.

Also, I shot some of the Federal 147 grain +P HST through my Glock 17, and turned in an average velocity of 1,025 fps and an extreme spread of 26 fps. That's top of the line. I will be switching fully to it once I run a few more boxes of it through each of my Glocks.

My next move is to go back to IMR 8208 XBR and see how tight I can get the Mod 0 to shoot.
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