Thursday, September 9, 2010

You said it mister!

I almost laughed oatmeal out of my nose when I read this headline! So much can be deducted from that one statement depending on who you are and how you think.

Personally, I have no dog in the DC Mayor fight; I think they have both shown to not care very much about the rights of their constituents.

Vince Gray:
"I do not support a bill that would have us give up our right to legislate and have us give up our gun control laws," said Gray.

Adrian Fenty:
"But if we had to make that call on a close margin, I do believe a majority of District residents say: 'Give us the vote. Give us the vote, and we hate this gun law, but we'll find a way to get rid of that if necessary.' "

Where a candidate stands on a simple human right tells a big tale about how they will treat you as a person. Both fail under my standards, but then I don't have to live by their rules. I can safely stand back and mock whichever one wins from the relative safety of my keyboard. Either way, I wish DC folks well. It's like having to decide between cat shit or dog shit for dinner.
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