Monday, September 20, 2010

What gun for gator?

Certainly not a .22 for my pick, but to each their own.

The huntress demonstrated the utility of her knife when the gator wasn't feeling the power of whatever .22 caliber weapon she first used. Good for her.

Also, browse the comments for a chuckle. I found this one to be the best, from commenter Ryan:
Some of you people are fricken nuts. You live in your little condos in the city eating tofu and drinking lattes and buy your mexican raised meat from your local grocer. What's the point in arguing with people who think Obama is a great president. I'm going to bed so I can get up in the morning, drop my daughter off at school and go shoot a deer with my bow and arrow. Afterall, it helps feed my family for nearly a year.
Well said!

Update: More reading in the comments reveals the reason for the .22:
Attention city people with big mouths and no knowledge of gator hunting.

It is illegal to hunt alligator with anything other than a 22. Its dangerous to shoot into the water at close range with anything that has more power. The reason for the poor weight/meat ratio is because it is the tail of the gator that is eaten, not the body which holds the bulk of the weight.

Alligator are not endangered. They do need to be culled to avoid overpopulation. By taking a few you keep the population stable so there is plenty of food for the gators. If you dont know what you are talking about, best to keep your mouth shut rather than be viewed as a ignorant loud mouth fool.

Yes, it may shock you but some people still harvest their own meat. If you get your meat in a plastic wrapper there is no reason to bad mouth people that still choose to legally obtain their own meat from wild game. It's the law!

The comments are where it's at, apparently.

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