Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Using children as a shield

The 2nd Amendment Foundation, the National Rifle Association, and The Pink Pistols are getting their activism on by challenging a gun ban by the city of Seattle.

Good on them.

The city is taking the line that their ban, which is against state law, is still legal because they say it is. As for some of the reasons Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels is citing for keeping the ban, we have these gems:
In June, a group of teen boys flashed a gun at several girls outside of the Alki Community Center. - In 2004, a woman was shot dead at a Red Cross shelter set up in the Miller Community Center on Capitol Hill. - Last year a man pulled out a gun at the Folklife Festival at the Seattle Center. Three people were injured when he opened fire.
Let me break this down to show you how jacked up the mayor's logic is with these examples.

In the first one, we have a group of teen boys committing a crime by first having the gun to begin with, and then by flashing or brandishing the thing. So they committed two crimes, but by the mayor's account they would be deterred by a law that says they couldn't bring the gun that they illegally possess to the Community Center to start with, and so logically they wouldn't also commit a crime by brandishing it there because it's already illegal. What they did was illegal without the gun ban in place, but Nickels wants to make it super illegal to keep kids safe. Common sense, right?

Next example has a woman murdered outside a shelter. She was presumably gunned down by some scumbag who no doubt would have just stayed at home if he knew that carrying his gun outside the shelter would be illegal. "Damn! You mean it's illegal to carry my weapon there? I guess I won't be killing anyone today! Gun Free Zone!!! Not Again!!"

And last, there's no telling what to think of this example. If the guy just pulled a gun at random and started shooting, then that's illegal without the ban. Nickels is saying that with the ban in place, the guy wouldn't have shown up to begin with. Sounds absurd to me.

Nickels is using kids as a shield for his illegal gun ban. There is no dispute in this article that the ban runs counter to state law, and the "common sense" logic that is used, as well as the examples given, noticeably lack anything that resembles sense. Gun bans don't stop killers from killing, and they don't stop scumbags from being scumbags. They do keep law abiding citizens away, which in my experience with state and national parks is really the entire goal anyways.
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