Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rule number four applies to poachers too

What a tragedy.

I have always wondered how someone could mistake a human for a deer. Seems to me that if your sense of perception is that skewed, than you have a responsibility to pick something different to do with your time.

I've been in the woods hunting before and seen kids, teens, dogs, and what not flash by, but never did I think about shooting at them. When it comes to the whitetailed deer, hunters are usually keen to pick up on the subtle white flashes of their tail, or the white insides of their ears. A child or such running through brush with a white T-shirt, or a biology student with a white hat slowly looking for frogs will no doubt attract the attention of a hunter for a moment, but you have to be sure of your target and what is beyond it. People look totally different than animals, so there is no excuse for this guy.

Now before the animal activists start throwing rocks at hunters, be advised that there are tens of thousands of hunters in the woods in those parts, and accidents and deaths are rare. One moron doesn't represent the millions of responsible hunters that are in the woods right now.
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