Friday, April 24, 2009

The press is so cavalier with the term "high powered"

A dead man found shot to death with a nail gun was hit over thirty times in the head.

No mention of how loathsome a person would have to be to commit such a crime, but there is the typical media fixation on anything that fires a projectile being "high powered," and of course the notion that somehow they are too easy to buy and use projectiles that are too long:
Detective Inspector Mark Newham said yesterday that post-mortem examination results had showed Liu was shot repeatedly in the head up to 30 times with a high-powered nail gun. "Similar types of nail guns can fire nails up to 85mm long," Insp Newham said. Detectives said the nail gun used in the murder was a standard cordless, framing, gas-charged gun, widely available for sale and hire.
I was totally in the dark about nail guns being available for hire. Now that Detective Newham mentions it, I have heard something about these deadly nail guns taking jobs that Australians don't want to do.

Something should be done about this.

This is why I don't trust any news outlet, including FOX News, who also covered this story. The morons that are referred to globally as reporters, journalists, anchors, and the like can't seem to get their head around the fact that man made objects simply cannot commit crimes, yet they are intent on blaming these objects anyways. It doesn't matter how easily one can buy or damned nail gun, or how long the nails are; people who are insane enough to murder will use any means available, and that's why he or she used a simple nail gun - it was nearby and capable of getting the job done.

Ultimately, the serpents that work in modern journalism think that any device that may be used to kill should be regulated by someone other than themselves. Regular people can't be trusted, and that's why the over all flavor of this article is about how we should make it difficult to buy construction tools with something along the lines of licensing.

The day after such a theoretical law would be passed, and the very moment the first illegal alien tries to buy one without a license and is caught, you will hear these same folks screaming about how unfair the law is.
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