Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Background checks for gun rentals

The man's death — coming three weeks after an Altamonte Springs woman killed herson and then herself at the same gun range — prompted Shoot Straight to stop renting guns to most customers.

A lawyer for the business said there needs to be a state law allowing gun dealers to run the same background check on people who rent firearms as is required for those who buy them.

How the hell is a background check going to stop someone from committing suicide?

The rest of the article isn't that bad, but they do try to sell the reader on background checks for gun rentals. "See! It only costs $5!!" Again, no mention that background checks are to make sure that a felon is not buying a gun, not to make sure that the buyer won't shoot themselves with it. There's no way to test for that.

Even if you stop renting out firearms, people will still find other ways. There is talk about putting up a barrier on a bridge close to where I live to stop people from jumping off of it to their death. The author thinks it's a great idea because she cites one bridge in another state where they put up a barrier and not only did people not jump off of it anymore, but they didn't go to another near by bridge. No mention of how many people shot themselves or swallowed a bottle of pills instead.
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