Friday, June 20, 2008

Licensing the Right intention

Via The Breda Fallacy - An Ohio man was stopped by cops for open carrying (OC) and recorded the whole thing. He says that the cops were very professional, with the exception of the sergeant who had this to say:
Sergeant: "Your permit allows you to carry concealed. It’s not an invitation, it’s not a permit to carry with it exposed so you can go on your self-righteous tangent about educating people about the Second Amendment. I'm all for the Second Amendment, I’m a huge supporter, NRA card carrying member, all that good shit. I’m not talking down to you as a gun grabber or anti gun piece of shit. Bottom line is you did do something wrong. We can charge you with inducing panic or disorderly conduct. It’s not the intention of the law. It’s not the intention of the right you went and got the license for."
This is yet another reason why I hate being "permitted" to carry my little pistol. I covered some of my reasons awhile ago. The Constitution doesn't protect my right to "keep and bear arms only in the possession of a valid state permit, and only concealed." It doesn't protect my right to carry "in the manner that some federal, state, or local law enforcement officer or elected official says it does."

It says I can keep and bear them. Period.

"Licensing" or "permitting" me to exercise my right is as close to having it taken away as I can possibly stand. There is also this disconnect within the gun rights community as far as "I'm a gun owner too, but...," mantra, and it seems to be the the case with this cop as well:

While Bryan is talking about the Second Amendment:

"Shut up, don’t talk to me about that, I taught the goddamn class. It doesn’t allow you to walk around with it exposed."

I can't see that we're gaining any ground as long as we're condoning the outright control of our rights with these little cards that say what someone else thinks they are.
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