Thursday, October 14, 2010

Live a life of avoidance, de-escalation, and detterence

It's imperative if you carry, as even if you're right, someone may take the very sight of your holstered handgun as a threat to their personal safety.

Beasley eventually let the other driver know he wasn't pleased, and the two drivers exchanged words and gestures.

The two ended up in a parking lot on Corporate Drive, where they continued their dispute.

The complainant accused Beasley of displaying a gun, and Beasley said the other man had a knife. Beasley said he never took his gun out of its holster.
The complainant, aka slow-assed driver who doesn't know the law, felt that Beasley was a big-scary-man-hiding-behind-that-humongous-weapon, and called the po-po. Why in the world did Beasley decide to stop on a remote side of a highway at night to dispute someone's shitty driving?

One might argue that just because you carry doesn't mean that you don't have the right to give someone a piece of your mind, but I would retort that in this particular situation, as well as any that are even remotely close, it doesn't matter one teeny bit whether or not someone is armed. You don't purposefully engage in a heated conversation with anyone, armed or not.

I make it a general habit to not argue with anyone over anything while I'm out in public, and certainly not after midnight on the highway on a school night. Someone screams at me over a parking space - go ahead and have it, hoss. Say something nasty about my wife while we're eating at Olive Garden - sorry you feel that way; have a good night. There is simply no reason why I am going to engage in conflict when I strive at all times to avoid it.

Now, about the complainants driving. I cannot stand folks who will not yield the passing lane to another driver, and it makes me yell out loud in my truck when I'm stuck behind some douche who is in the passing lane riding abreast of a slow-ass driver in the right lane. One day amongst all my screaming a vein in my beet red forehead is going to pop, sending a lazer beam of blood smashing through the windshield and slicing through shitty-driver's rear tires. If you're too chicken shit to overtake the car to your right, then tap the brakes and move on over behind them. There is no excuse.

And to all the old folks who say that there's no reason to be in such a hurry, "it's only going to save you five minutes", well. . . . go piss up a rope. Every day driving to work, I end up behind three of you blue knuckled sonsohbitches, which adds up to thirty minutes of my time you have robbed from my kids every single day because you can't get the fuck over. Happened not an hour ago.

And for all you city folk who have moved down here from yankeeville to find your country roots, and still have all the I heart DC/NYC/Baltimore bumper stickers stuck on the back of your Prius, when you're riding down the country roads where all the disgusting hillbilly people live, and you have a line of headlights behind you as far as your eyes can see, and there's no cars in front of you, then pull over at the first available driveway and let the folks who know how to drive pass. Back roads around here go on for ten miles or more, so your non-driving ruins productivity for the people who work for a living. GTFOver!!
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